Pee Art Contest


Do you consider yourself the next Picasso of Pee art? Always had a knack for painting the perfect Pee Picture in the snow?

Well today is your lucky day!!

The Team at Yellow Snow is happy to announce the inaugural 2017 Pee Art Contest. Not only is this contest for personal laughs and creativity but also littered with monthly prizes & winners! The Grand champion of them all will win a ton of swag and a getaway for Two to Las Vegas in March 2018!!

Rules are simple!

  1. Every Picture submitted must feature a bottle of Yellow Snow in the shot
  2. No nudity
  3. Must “Like” Yellow Snow on Facebook. (makes for easy communication)
  4. Art must be “Natural”
  5. Bonus points for creativity!

A monthly winner will be chosen and gifted several Yellow Snow Items (ex: Hats, Shirts, Jacket). The monthly winners will be entered into a random draw pool for the Grand Prize.

Roll out the red carpet! The Grand Prize is a 2 night stay in Las Vegas for 2. Round trip tickets and lodging will be provided by the team at Yellow Snow!

So Yellow Snow Drinkers, don’t pinch it any longer! Get out there and make some art and win a trip to Vegas!

And Remember, Don’t Eat Yellow Snow, Drink It!!!!!!!!

If you would like to enter simply  CLICK HERE to submit your photo!